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Press Release, 08.28.08
Dog Psychology 101
Natural Instincts, Phoenix, AZ
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Canine Owner Training Classes Being Offered in North Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ

[August, 2008] Phoenix-area Natural Instincts (LLC) will be adding a new training course - Dog Psychology 101 - to their canine education curriculum this coming mid-October. The series of four classes will cover the fundamental practices and attitudes that every dog owner should be practicing in order to maintain a healthy and balanced relationship with their canine companion. The course is being offered in a group classroom setting - as an alternative to more traditional, individualized (and often more costly) one-on-one instruction.

The course instructor, canine behaviorist and trainer, Keith Coddington, has been trained by some of the country’s foremost dog trainers and canine behaviorists including Linn Boyke (apprentice of Cesar Millan - "The Dog Whisperer" - of the National Geographic Channel series), along with Marc Goldberg and Martin Deeley of the International Association of Canine Professionals.

The course is intended to offer dog owners the insight and working knowledge required to become the "leader of their pack" or the "alpha dog" - whether their pack consists of a single canine in the house or a multitude of dogs in the same household.

According to Coddington, "Communication is the key ingredient to the human-dog relationship. Most people understand that the ability to communicate effectively is important, and that good communication is essentially learned. However, most dog owners are not always leading their pets in a way they can understand. They simply lack some of the basics. That is what this course is about."

The course is designed to address these issues and teach owners what is expected of them as the "pack leader." The series will cover a variety of issues that dog owners may be facing, as well as explaining the tools, attitudes and overall discipline and techniques required to foster a well balanced and educated relationship between themselves and their pets.

Most dog owners simply do not understand the fundamentals of dog psychology, and can easily misinterpret what their companions may be attempting to tell them through their own body language and behavior. "This course deals with communication issues," says Coddington, "and allows you to truly become your dogs’ pack leader by earning respect in a humane and loving way. The results are actually quite astounding once you have the knowledge and techniques to make it happen."

Keith and his wife Katy have been in the dog training and behavior business in the Phoenix area for the last two years conducting private consultations and training throughout the Metro-Phoenix area.

The couple had been receiving numerous calls and inquires for these types of lessons and decided on the classroom format of the dog psychology course to reach as many dog owners as possible at as affordable a price as possible.

Once the knowledge and skills are acquired on how to properly care for and maintain a dog - both mentally and physically - the dog owners begin to understand the balance required to correct existing problems, as well as avoid possible behavior problems in the future.

"Our course is designed to educate and equip dog owners with an understanding of what dogs actually think and expect from their human companions," says Coddington. "Owners need to know what truly makes a dog happy and what they can and should realistically expect from their animals in return."

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